About Me

As a professional artist for over 20 years I've worked on a variety of different and exciting projects. I have worked for both small and large companies. I have also run my own production company for the past 12 years. Through this I have acquired a wealth of knowledge of the whole production process. I have led many small teams in both film and games, giving me a deep understanding of how to motivate, inspire and manage others.

My skills are broad. Not only am I competent at 3d modeling and character animation, but also rigging, lighting, texturing, visual effects and rendering. I’m fluent with many different 3d apps and can blend into any pipeline. Outside of my core 3d skills, I’m also excellent at motion graphics, editing, storyboarding, layout, shooting, directing and producing.

I have never missed a deadline, even if it meant that long hours were required to meet them. I excel under pressure, being able to deliver quality work within tight time and budget constraints. Most importantly, I have a genuine passion for my work and a relentless commitment to quality.

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to call me anytime. Thanks for visiting my website!

Work History

Sep, 2016 to Present
Deck Nine Games
Wesminster, CO
Senior Animator. Motion capture animation and facial animation for cinematic games. Currently working on Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

Apr, 2005 to Sep, 2016
Outpost 12 Studios
Lincoln, NE
Vice President and Co-Founder
Co-own and operate a 3d animation and visual effects studio. I manage teams, perform director and producer duties, participate in all areas of 3d production, motion graphics, video production and manage multiple clients.

Jan, 2004 to Apr, 2005
Nano Legends
Lincoln, NE
Director, Producer and Character Animator
Directed and produced with a small team for the educational PC video game, Nano Legends.

Aug, 2002 to Jan, 2004
Jaleco Entertainment
Boulder, CO
Character Animator and Cinematics Artist
Character animator for cinematics in the game Goblin Commander (Released for Ps2, Gamecube, Xbox)

Oct, 2001 to Aug 2002
4DRulers, Inc
Beatrice, NE
Character Animator
Responsible for all realtime character animation for the video game, Gore (Released on PC)

Apr 2000 to Oct 2001
Lincoln, NE
3D Artist
Responsible for all areas of motion graphics, 3d animation, architectural rendering and visual effects.

May 1997 to Apr 2000
Snitily/Carr Production Group
Lincoln, NE
3D Artist
Responsible for all projects involving animation, motion graphics and visual effects. Specialized in sports-arena big screen work.


Software Knowledge
• Maya
• 3ds Max
• Unity
• Photoshop
• Premiere
• Blender
• After Effects

Doane College
Lincoln, NE
Pursued a BA majoring in Graphic Design, Junior Standing 1999-2001

University of Nebraska
Lincoln, NE
Started BA in advertising 1992-1997